Joey Ereñeta - Founder & Lead Consultant


I have been cultivating cannabis for 24 years, and am the Lead Horticulture Instructor at Oaksterdam University, where I have been teaching for 11 years. I have a wealth of experience assisting with and optimizing applications for state-permitted cultivation sites across the country. I come with a breadth of knowledge and experience in cannabis cultivation, grow facility design & operations, state and local regulatory compliance, and the cannabis industry as a whole. I have consulted with groups and individual patients in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Guam and Canada.


Joey's Cannabis Industry Experience:

2007 - Present: Founder | Let It Grow Consulting - San Francisco, CA

Let It Grow Consulting is my private consulting practice for individual patients, collectives and organizations working in states with medical cannabis laws. I specialize in indoor and outdoor grow design, set up, assessment, operations and training. I have been cultivating cannabis for 24 years, and have spent the last 11 years teaching and consulting with individual medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and state-compliant cultivation and dispensing locations. My consulting work focuses on optimizing applications for a state permit, and the design of the cultivation site, including facility and garden layout, equipment setup for lighting, ventilation, climate control, irrigation, nutrition, pest & pathogen control, and harvest/processing/quality control. I also assist in the assessment of staff, initial and on-going education and training, and periodic assessments of operations, budgeting, productivity and quality control.

I have worked with dozens of indoor and outdoor patient collectives and individuals in the State of California. I was a consultant and member of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center (SPARC), San Francisco's premiere medical cannabis dispensary. I worked with a group as the lead designer of a 30,000 square foot facility in Oakland, CA when the city was poised to award large-scale cultivation permits in 2010. I have also been the consultant for applicants with sites ranging in size from a 2000sf to several acres in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Guam and Canada.


2007 - Present: Lead Horticulture Instructor | Oaksterdam University - Oakland, CA

Oaksterdam University, America's first cannabis college, was founded in 2007 to provide students from around the country, and the world, with the highest quality training for the cannabis industry. In the last 11 years, we have taught over 35,000 students from over 30 countries about the history, law, science, cultivation, cooking and extraction of the cannabis plant, how to successfully and responsibly establish and operate a canna-business, and how to work locally and nationally for cannabis policy reform.

I began working as a horticulture instructor at Oaksterdam University in December 2007, shortly after it was founded. At that time, I taught the Horticulture 101 class, which focuses on introducing students to basic concepts of cultivating the cannabis plant. Topics include "Safe and Responsible Growing" practices, the "Plant Lifecycle" including nutrition, irrigation and grow medium choices, and basic "Lighting and Ventilation" design. At that time, I also assisted the attorney-instructors in educating the students about their Constitutional rights, state vs. federal cannabis law, and how to respectfully interact with law enforcement.

 In 2008, Oaksterdam University moved to a larger building to accommodate the overwhelming influx of new students. At that time, we began offering semester classes and weekend packages with an ever-expanding curriculum. I began teaching a weekly "Grow Lab" to accompany these 13-week semester courses, allowing the students to follow the plant from seed to harvest. As demand for cultivation classes grew, I personally built the curriculum for a 10-week Advanced Indoor Horticulture Semester, where students received in-depth and hands-on cannabis cultivation education and training to design their own personalized cultivation site. These quickly became our most popular classes.

In 2009, Oaksterdam University moved to an even larger, 30,000 square foot building replete with a 100-student capacity lecture hall, a hands-on, living grow lab (which I designed), testing lab, and teaching kitchen. During this time, I became the Lead Horticulture Instructor and have since been responsible for developing and implementing all new cultivation class curricula. Since then, I continue to teach most of our classes on cultivation, and grow room design/operations. I developed an array of new classes, including Organic Cultivation, Basic and Advanced Grow Room Design, Pest and Pathogen Prevention & Treatment, Electrical Safety, Beneficials and Compost Teas, and Anatomy, Physiology and Conditions for Optimal Growth, including concepts and methods for optimizing photosynthetic rate, transpiration, and CO2/water/nutrient availability and uptake.

In 2012, we moved to our current location and in the pursuant 7 years, we have expanded our classes to include an Outdoor Cultivation Semester, including Site Selection, Land Prep, Strain Selection, Irrigation, Organics and Soil Science, and Greenhouse Gardening. We also offer a 5-day weekend Cultivation Seminar (both in Oakland, Las Vegas and in traveling seminars around the country), where students receive our breadth of instruction on designing, equipping, and operating a cultivation site. Many of these students have been from states with new cannabis laws and are currently applying for dispensary and cultivation permits.

During my tenure at Oaksterdam University, I have worked alongside numerous industry leaders and been thoroughly educated about nearly every facet of the cannabis industry. One of my esteemed colleagues, author and Oaksterdam University instructor, Ed Rosenthal, is recognized as the international authority on cannabis cultivation. He has asked me several times to write write my own books on cultivation, which he is hoping to publish.


2014 - 2016: Chief Operations Officer & Owner | Green Therapeutics - Las Vegas, NV

In 2014, I teamed up with Oaksterdam alumni Dr. Duke Fu (Radio-nuclear Pharmacist), Dr. Druce Fu (Emergency Room Director), and Dr. Amy Fu (Managing Pharmacist - Walgreens) to apply for Nevada state MME licenses. We were awarded four licenses (two cultivation and two production) for two facilities - 8,000 s.f. in Unincorporated Clark County and 35,000 s.f. in North Las Vegas. GT's mission is to cultivate, extract and manufacture premium-grade cannabis flowers and products for the cannabis connoisseur. Using state of the art technologies, GT is a model for the future of medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation, extraction and product manufacturing.

2007 - 2009: Manager | Oaksterdam Nursery: Oakland, CA 94612

         The Oaksterdam Nursery was founded in 2005 in order to produce high quality, cannabis stem cuttings and new seed hybrids for medical patients in California. I began working at the Oaksterdam Nursery in January 2007 as a Propagation Manager. I initially helped build and operate our expanded cultivation site. I was then responsible for maintaining a healthy stock of mother plants for every variety of cannabis in our catalog, and for helping to produce thousands of propagated plants on a weekly basis. Along with my cultivation duties, I was also positioned at the local dispensary, Coffee Shop Blue Sky, one of four medical marijuana dispensaries licensed by the City of Oakland, CA. There, I assisted patients in selecting appropriate plant varieties and educated them about proper plant care. I worked at the Oaksterdam Nursery until mid-2009, when I switched to full-time teaching and consulting.


Dr. Puppy Patient Collective: Upper Lake, CA 95485

         The DPPC is a collective of medical cannabis patients who, pursuant to California medical marijuana law, joined cooperatively to cultivate their own medical cannabis. We founded the collective in May 2005, and have annually operated outdoor and greenhouse cultivation sites using solar power and organic cultivation techniques, nutrients and pesticides. For the collective, I was the designer and master gardener (2005), and in subsequent years have been an ongoing consultant, harvest manager, and patient liaison.


Cannabis Action Network: 1605 Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA 94703

         Cannabis Action Network (CAN) educates the general public about the beneficial uses of cannabis. CAN also reaches out to medical cannabis users to empower them to protect their rights and safety. Strategies focus on grassroots education and outreach projects, using web-based tools, literature distribution, public events like trainings and conferences, and other forms of communication. CAN promotes a good neighbor and sensible cannabis use campaign, and teaches people about their constitutional and juror rights.

I began collaborating with the Cannabis Action Network in 1994, while a freshman at U.C. Berkeley. At the time, we were providing care and free medicinal cannabis to local patients with debilitating diseases. We also worked to petition the Berkeley and Oakland City Councils to make possession of small amounts of cannabis the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority in those cities. This successful effort to decriminalize marijuana, served as a stop-gap measure in the years preceding the passage of Proposition 215, the nation's first voter-approved, state medical marijuana law. In the subsequent 21 years, I have committed my life to demystifying the stigma around this important plant medicine, and to educating and supporting the patients who benefit from its myriad therapeutic and healing effects.