Facility Design


If you're interested in establishing a medium to large-scale commercial cultivation/processing facility, we will help you design your dream project. We have been designing and setting up cultivation sites for 27 years. A successful project requires an ergonomic design that takes into account your production goals and streamlines the flow of your plants through the multiple stages of growth - from propagation to post-harvest, extraction and product manufacturing. An optimal layout facilitates efficient and consistent crop cycling, and is one of the key components in quality control and maximizing yields.

We will help you determine the proper outdoor, greenhouse or indoor facility size, layout, location, and zoning. Once you have secured a location, we will help assess its strengths and weaknesses, in order to plan and budget for any upgrades and alterations. Facility realization involves design, allocation and construction, electrical system improvements, HVAC installation, plumbing upgrades, security enhancements and any number of infrastructure alterations.

Proper equipment is also essential to a successful garden. Lighting, ventilation, irrigation, and climate control must all be integrated to facilitate vigorous and healthy plant growth . Based on your unique vision, we will help you determine appropriate technologies, a comprehensive parts list and a projected budget. With a little planning, your cultivation site can be optimized to more than meet your production goals.